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Welcome to Nursery. 

Miss Andrews is the class teacher and Miss Dyer and Mrs Ram the support staff.

Nursery Class Home School Learning 

To access video materials that support the children's Learning, you will need to click on the following link:-

At Datchet St Mary's we really value the start you have given your children on their education journey. As the Early Years Foundation Stage states; ‘Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s learning and development.’ It is known that what parents do at home with young children has the greatest impact on a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development.

Planning in the Moment-Our New Approach To Your Child's Learning

Inside the Nursery


At Datchet St Mary's we believe that children learn best in a fun, happy and relaxed environment and the emphasis is put on learning through play.

Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, a framework set out by the department of education, which recognises the overall nature of development and learning at this age.

First and foremost we want your children to be happy in our nursery and hope that during their time with us their development will make the transition to school an enjoyable one.


Click on the link to view the parents guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Something to try at home:


Cloud Dough

Resources needed


•    8 Cups of plain Flour
•    I Cup of Oil
•    Mixing Bowl
•    Moulds
•    Plastic Utensils
•    Large flat tray


Description of activity

Measure and add 8 cups of flour to the mixing bowl.
Measure 1 cup of oil.
Add the oil to the flour in the mixing bowl
Work together until combined.
Transfer into a flat tray
Use moulds with the cloud dough, pat it, smooth it out, and let the children explore the texture.


Learning opportunities for the children

Develop communication and language by asking questions to the children about the texture such as “What does it feel like?”

Children will begin to make connection's between their movements and the marks they are making.


Extensions for the activity

Add glitter to the cloud dough to make it sparkle.
Put the cloud dough in the freezer for a chilly sensory experience.
Add flavour extracts like banana and strawberry to make it smelly.
Use cloud dough in a sensory tray for mark making.