We are one we are strongest working together in unity 1: Corinthians 12 - 14
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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The class teacher Monday to Friday morning is Mrs Sharma and Monday to Friday afternoon is Miss Andrews.

Mrs Henwood is the support staff.


Wire sculptures. 

 From biscuit dunking to  Explosions of all sorts !!! 


Hurdles-Race 1

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Hurdles- Race 2

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Bat and Ball Race 1

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Bat and Ball Race 2

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Bat and Ball- Race 3

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Sprint- Race 1

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Sprint- Race 2

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Sprint- Race 3

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Skipping- Race 1

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Skipping- Race 2

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Skipping- Race 3

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Long Distance- Race 1

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Long Distance- Race 2

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Sack- Race 1

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Sack- Race 2

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End of the Team Relay

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Marvellous Men .

On Friday 17th June we were so excited to have some of the Marvellous Men in our lives come and spend the morning with us . We presented some Spike Milligan poems at church  and then dads, uncles, friends and grandads came back to school to work on making a crazy golf course and tiger collages. It really was a ‘roaring success’. A gigantic big thank you from all your little lovelies for all that you do for them and for taking time to come and spend such a fantastic, hot and sunny morning with us.

Making shelter in the forest school area 

The children of year 3 went on their school trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum. We first arrived in the stone age which was 10,000 years ago. We were taught how to hunt, make fire, build a shelter and make our own paste paint. We then went forward in time to the Iron Age where we experienced a replica roundhouse. Inside we had a fire going constantly and it was quite smoky. We grinded the grains to make flour, we then made dough using the flour and water, we churned butter and made clay pots. We had the best day ever!!!

The Queen visits DSM !

Unsuspecting year 3 children were delighted today to meet the Queen on her secret visit to Datchet St Mary’s .
The Queen was very impressed  with the research , poems and portraits that the children had been working on.  She was very gracious and spent the morning with year 3 telling them about her corgis !


A right Royal Portrait. 

Year 3’s Royal Bake owff for her Majesty !

Easter bonnet parade.

Easter Egg designs .

April Fool’s Day .

Did you know that NASA was transmitting messages from aliens from outer space today ? We could listen to them through paper tubes and metal objects.

Many of the children heard lots of things including ‘hello’ , ‘How are you ? ‘ and ‘ Mrs Graham is having tea’!

Perimeter work .

Practical application for maths was measuring the perimeters of our playground pitches . We used metre rulers, Trundle wheels and our rulers too. 

Our Mixed media interpretations of Claude Monet’s paintings.

We had a wonderful time with Nirmal who is a volunteer at a Gurdwara. He told us about the 5ks and how Sikhs share and commit to their religion.

Wonderful Women's Day .

It was so lovely to see such a great turn out for our Wonderful Women morning ! Lots of chocolate making , art , banter and a bit of bingo thrown in too !
 To all the wonderful women in our lives …. A HUGE ,  COLOSSAL THANK YOU  for being such a crucial part of our lives . We love you all ❤️

Take a look at some of the art we did on the day. Our mixed media, personal interpretations of Monet’s Bridge and water lilies. 

Sewing by year 3 . 

Super hard Cross stitching.

Year 3 book recommendations 

World book day 2022. Can you guess which characters we were ?

Pancake toss!  
Some of us were moving so fast that out photos are blurry. We all had a fantastic time tying to flip our pancakes as many times as we could in 1 minute .

Clay Medusa masks .

Fabulous art work .

A bit of light relief !

We started off our Groovy Greeks topic by trying a selection of Greek food including, olives, feta, pitta, hummus and Greek yoghurt.

Did we like olives?? Have a look at the photos, our faces say it all. 

Doodle maths winners for Autumn term 2021

Well done to these children for getting so many points on Doodle maths . One person in our class got the most points in the the whole of KS2! Can you spot who it is ? His smile couldn’t be any bigger .

Christmas party day ! 

Christmas Market 2021

Angles, turns and directional language work 

Head over to the video resource centre to find some videos

Egyptian Day ! 

We are learning all about Ancient Egypt this term . To start off the topic we dressed up as Ancient Egyptians. I’m sure you’ll all agree the children looked amazing ! A huge thank you to all the adults at home who worked so hard to make the children look so wonderful and authentic with their costumes and accessories . We mummified our friends without taking their organs out and tried to build the tallest pyramids using matchsticks and marshmallows . We painted and we sang all morning . As the children said, ‘it was epically fun !’

Paper sculptures of ourselves .  

Today, we did some fieldwork for Geography. We had to sketch a local feature on the Green.

This term we have been learning about Sikhism. Today we had a go at drawing and painting the Golden temple, the most famous Gurdwara.

Cross Country Competition- Boys Team 1 2nd Place and Girls Team 1 2nd Place and Girls Team 2 3rd Place

Take a look inside our class , we’ve been working on  lots of things including poetry, Black history , prayers , favourite book reviews and our Autumn 1 book Matilda. 

Autumn 2021


We had so much fun collecting and measuring our penny lines. 

Penny run 2021

Black History 


Do you know why these people are famous ? 

Our Amazing attempts at drawing Matilda in the style of Quentin Blake.


Our road safety talk by Imogen