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Datchet St Mary's CofE Primary Academy

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Year 4 Silver Birch and Christmas Tree

Welcome to Year 4 - Silver Birch and the newly named Christmas Tree!

Mr and Mrs Higton are the class teachers for Christmas Tree and Miss Gilbert is class teacher for Silver Birch

Mrs Anstee and Mrs Clark support staff.




Spring Term 2019

Marvellous Men Day

Ufton Court

Happy Easter!

Some of our Year 4's attended the dance festival - 90's themed!

We used a blanket stitch to create Anglo Saxon purses with the wonderful women in our lives.

Wonderful Women's day!

Year 4 celebrated all things Italian on Friday! We made pizzas and a sculpture inspired by Michelangelo's David. We also imagined what it must have been liked to paint the ceiling of the sistine chapel by trying to draw from under our desks. Franco's Dom also came to answer questions on life in Italy. 

Italian art!

Dom from Franco's came to give Year 4 a talk about Italy

Pizza making

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about teeth.  As part of the topic, we did an experiment leaving eggs in a variety of liquids to see what damage they did to the shell.  Not surprisingly we discovered that water did the least damage and that coke and vinegar caused the most damage.  The photos show Christmas Tree class doing the before and after egg experiment.

We were really lucky to have Saify's mum come and talk to us about teeth health.  Saify's mum is a dentist and she gave us really great tips.    We did an experiment where we chewed a disclosure tablet to show up the plaque on our teeth.  All the children had some plaque but they all now know how to brush properly which is great for their teeth health!  Big thank you to Saify's mum for coming in.  


Snow Day!

Silver Birch visits Churchmead to make catapults and roman coins

Caroline Lawrence visits Year 4

Our RE lesson in Church

Sycamore's DT morning at Churchmead School; we made Roman coins and catapults.

We received dictionaries from the Rotary Club

Roman Day

Elliot and Lucy taught the class Japanese.

Aneela's mum came into our calls to show her O.B.E.

Sonia Brooks OBE


Mrs Brooks came into our school on Friday 19th October. A couple of days ago she was rewarded a very special medal one for her O.B.E. Exactly what O.B.E means is officer of the British Empire. She was allowed to bring three guests,  those guests were me her daughter, her son and her husband.

She came into our class because she wanted to show them her outstanding medal. So what she did is got me to walk around and show it. After I had shown the class she explained what she did to deserve her medal and what her job was.

As a prison officer she deals with a lot of criminals every day. Also the day Mrs Brooks came, she inspired us and told us we can do anything you put your mind to. By Aneela Brooks


We created a conscience alley during English.

Celebrating Black History Month: during our English lesson we did freeze frames of Rosa Parks on the bus.

A show and tell linked to our Muhammad Ali biography writing.

Our walk to collect descriptive words for our Autumn poetry writing!

Great fun at the PTA penny run!