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Welcome to Reception Class.

 The class teacher is Miss Andrews.  

Miss Elliot and Mrs Johnson are the class Teaching Assistants.

Goodbye Reception!!!

On The Move

This week the children have had fun with creating mazes using blocks and using maze worksheets. This then moved onto using maps of our classroom to finding objects and then the children creating their own maps of the classroom and working with a friend to hide and find small objects. All this week we have continued to count to 100 using a 100 square. 

Sea Creatures

This week we have had fun reading the book Tiddler and coming up with our own tall tales of adventures under the sea. From this we have enjoyed making many styles of ocean art. 

Odds Farm

We had a fun time at Odds farm to further our knowledge on farm animals. We started off by learning about rabbits and then watched a cow being milked. We fed the goats and sheep which was strange at first but then it was great fun. Then we moved onto the pigs. We learnt that pigs are omnivores. A firm favourite was the tractor ride which took us around the farm and we learnt more about the cows on the farm. 

In the afternoon we had  a great play in the many areas including the, water area, the sand area and soft play. 


We started the week off by creating ABBC patterns. For example, shell, conker, conker, stone. We made these patterns using paint and natural materials. Then we recapped on last weeks learning on counting in 2's. We identified when counting in 2's that all the numbers end in 0, 2,4,6,8. This is when we introduced the language of odd and even. We circled all the even numbers and underlined the odd numbers. The children pointed out that it is a pattern, odd even, odd, even and etc. Then we had a go at sorting the numbers to 20 into 2 groups of odd and even. 

Number sentences and Number Formation

The children enjoy writing on the whiteboards and they are brilliant as we can rub out and practice our number formation.


Number composition from 11-30

Using the Numicon the children had a challenge to make various numbers from 11-30. The children were reminded that the 1 in the number 17 represents a 10 not a 1 and the 2 in the number 28 represents 20. 

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have been watching the caterpillars closely over the past few weeks. They came to us as small as a finger nail and we have watched them grow. The children were fascinated to see the chrysalis wriggle and it got them wondering what was going on inside that we couldn't see. We look forward to seeing the butterflies after the break.


On Monday we received a special delivery of eggs. The children were extremely excited and could not wait to see the chicks. We had a few hatch over night and we were very lucky to see one hatch before our very eyes on Wednesday afternoon. The children watched in ore and excitement. We have cleaned the incubator and the chicks are now fluffy and seem to be enjoying a warm cosy life in the brooder. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

To 20 and Beyond


This week we have been focussing on addition and subtraction. We started off by using the phrases 'first, then and now'. We used multilink cubes and the children were encouraged to say, first we have 10 cubes then we add 2 now we have 12.  Then, writing and answering number sentences where we focussed on number formation. 

The Kings Coronation 


We had great fun celebrating the King's Coronation.

We talked of our memories of the late Queen and then learnt about King Charles from the book 'King Charles'.

The children enjoyed making crowns, flags, collages and royal themed role play. We also learnt a song called 'To the Sound of Trumpets' and we performed it to the school in the Coronation Assembly. 

On Thursday we had a royal celebration and enjoyed a street party in the canteen with scones and cakes. Then outside on the field there was lots of fun activities to take part in. 

Growing Cress Seeds

In literacy we have been reading the story 'The Tiny Seed'. The book took the children on the journey of the life cycle of a seed. And for a science investigation we are observing how cress seeds grow. We read the book 'Sam's Seeds' and it told us how to grow cress just using a cup and cotton wool. The children followed the instructions and 2 days later they were excited to see "the seeds have popped". They watered their cup and put it back on the window sill. Some of the children predicted, "when we come back we might see a shoot". 

Update on the Cress Seeds

The children came back to school with great surprise seeing that their cress seeds have grown. They looked at them closely and watered them and popped them back on the window sill. Every day this week the children have looked after their seeds and some even commented "it looks ready to eat soon". 

Spring has sprung 

The children are brilliant at noticing the signs of Spring. The children first noticed the Daffodils and we picked a few to look close at and then drew them. The children coloured them in using soft pastels and enjoyed learning how to smudge. 

Next, it was the beautiful tulips. The children went outside with a clipboard and sketched them out. Again, they came back in and progressed on their skill of using the soft pastels. 

The children discussed the signs they noticed whist on the Easter break: lambs, chicks, blossom, green leaves, buds, caterpillars, the grass is greener and bluebells. 

Numbers 11-20

This week we have been focussing on the numbers past 10. Everyday we have counted forwards and backwards to 20. Once confident at that, we then counted forwards and backwards to 30. The children identified and made the numbers to 20 using 10 frames, cubes and Numicon. The children recognised that larger numbers composed of 1 full 10 frame and part of a 10 frame. 


We have been learning about the true meaning of Easter. Our literacy book this week was from the children's bible. The children understood the Jesus was no longer a baby anymore and they discussed how he was special and did 'magic things'. The children wrote about different parts of the story. But we also celebrated Easter by making cards, decorations and Easter egg  nest cakes. 



This week we focussed on shapes. We started of by reminding ourselves of the 2D shapes. We used the 2D shapes to make different pictures by connecting them together. Then the children had fun blowing really hard and suddenly they weren't 2D anymore they were "blown up " (3D shapes). We explored these shapes by building with them and experimenting what shapes are best for rolling. We also learnt the names of the 3D shapes. Towards the end we made patterns using the 3D shapes, it was hard to remember the names when saying what the pattern was. 



This week we have been learning all about the festival of Holi. The children have discovered that festival is celebrated by Hindu's all over the world but especially in India. We have read a variety of fiction and non fiction books and videos and have explored the festival through drawing, painting, eating, dancing and throwing powder paint. 

Indian Food Taster

Dancing with colourful scarves

Throwing Powder Paint

The children came in very excited today dressed as their favourite book characters. The children enjoyed the reading den in the hall- they listened to a story and drunk some hot chocolate. 

Thank for bringing in an old book the children enjoyed swapping. 

Numbers 9 and 10

This week we focussed on the numbers 9 and 10. We looked into the composition of 9 and 10. We used numicon pieces to make number 10- the children were asked to make 10 using only 2 pieces of numicon. Once they had found the 2 pieces of numicon that made up 10 they wrote it into a number sentence. We then went onto use multilink cubes to make 10, we used the characters from numberblocks to help us. 


Introduction to Space


How do we get into space?? The children were aware that you need a rocket but didn't know how it gets into space so we watched some rocket launches on YouTube. The children were amazed to see all the fire and smoke. We watched the rockets where the fire comes out from fall off and then watched the main rocket go into space. We watched various informative videos on how a rocket works. The children then went away to make their own rocket using whatever they wish from the resources in the classroom. The children painted, used 3D shapes, 2D shapes, junk modelling, playdough and construction blocks. The children were aware of building the main rocket and explained the bits that would fall off when the fire has finished. 

Pancake Day


Flipping and eating!! 

Painting to Music

Some children wanted to try painting to space themed music. I encouraged the children to paint how they felt whilst listening to the music and to listen to the rhythm to influence their brush movements. 


Length, height and Time

This week the children have been using language to describe height and length. We started off by measuring string beads with multilink cubes- language such as longer and shorter. Then we moved onto making playdough snakes and again similar language was encouraged. We had great fun deciding who was the tallest member of each house group and who was the shortest. They organised themselves into height order. 

Every day I have been using a clock when talking through the routine of the day. This has sparked an interest in knowing the time. We have a large clock mat and the children moved the hands to the questions 'When do you go to bed?' 'When do you have dinner' and etc. 



The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The children had an exciting time this week when they discovered a tiger arrived in the home corner. We read the story 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' and the children re told the story through play and through their drawings. 

The tiger went missing and we didn't know where he was. The children followed a simple map to figure out where the tiger was. We needed to find him as he had a tea party to go to on Friday. 

The children made food for out tea party. They started off by making chocolate chip cookies and then at the end of the week they made ham/jam/cheese sandwiches. 

Tea Party!!!


We went to the cooking room as that is where we found the tiger when he went missing. The children enjoyed eating their sandwiches, little snacks and their biscuits. 

A real tiger???????


The children are now using the teacher iPads to take pictures of something they think is a WOW moment. Here are a few photos which displays the point of view of the children. Enjoy!! 

Updated 10.02

PCSO Visit


The children are always playing police officers role play outside, so we created a police station for them and arranged a visit from our local PCSO. He read us a book called 'PC Ben', which he has written, and answered the many questions the children had. 

Gingerbread Man

We used the gingerbread man for the stimulus for this week. We started off by reading the original story and then moved onto alternatives such as gingerbread girl, gingerbread boy and Ninjabread man. This was great creative inspiration for the children and they came up with their own adventures with their own gingerbread people. 

The children very much enjoyed making their own gingerbread men. 

Composition of 6,7,8

We recapped on what we have previously learnt with the numbers 1-5. We always encourage the children to use their fingers to represent numbers. The children showed me the quickest way to make 6,7 and 8 on their fingers. We then started off by finding different ways to make 6 on a ladybird. Then moved onto different ways of making 7 using beanbags and hoops. Next we looked at different ways of making 8 on a a ten frame. 


Following the children's interests we choose to explore Antarctica as the children expressed a love for penguins. We used the story 'Lost and Found' as a starting point. The children enjoyed learning how to draw a penguin and making a penguin using split pins. We looked at where Antarctica is found on the map the children agreed that is was a long way to travel. We compared animals that live in the North Pole and animals that can be found in the South Pole. 

Chinese New Year

The children have been learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. This week we have read traditional Chinese tales and non-fiction book about China. The children learnt how Chinese new year is celebrated and became familiar with the culture through different activities in their play. 

The children loved watching the parade videos and loved the dragon puppets. We got lucky and found a large box, this was destined to be the dragons head. Recycling was brought from home, paint and arts and craft materials were used. We then used the dragon head and a parachute to pretend to be a large dragon puppet. 

A snippet of the fun we had..

Still image for this video

Comparing Capacity 

This week we learnt about capacity- how much something can hold. We played around with different size beakers and jugs. We encouraged the children to use the correct language such as full, empty, half full, half empty, more, less, heavier and lighter. 

Comparing Mass and Size

In maths this week we have been comparing mass and size. It started off by going to Tesco to buy some "heavy" fruit and vegetables the children were like human balance scales. We brought them back into the classroom and gave the other children a chance to be human balance scales. In groups they listed the items from heaviest to lightest. We then used real balance scales and found objects around the classroom and the garden. The children came up to me surprised when 10 conkers where heavy then 10 wine corks - "but they are bigger".

Tesco trip to buy heavy fruit and vegetables 


For maths this week we are comparing size and mass. We walked to Tesco to buy some 'heavy' fruit and vegetables. The children picked up various fruits and vegetables and put the heaviest in their bag to buy. 

I can ride a pedal bike........

Introducing Zero

This week we focussed on the number zero. We sang a lot of nursery rhymes and we have been counting backwards from 5 and forward to 5 using our fingers. This led to looking at different ways of making the numbers 2-5 playing a hula hoop target game. Some of the children enjoyed recording their results on a whiteboard. 

Frozen toys and ice blocks all around our classroom????


The children speculated who left the ice blocks- was it the goblins or Jack Frost himself?? It created great conversation and even prompted some children to create wanted posters which they stuck around the room.

Eventually the children discussed how they could free the toys, warm water was decided.

The Tale of Jack Frost

In literacy we have been reading 'The Tale of Jack Frost'. The children enjoyed learning about the enchanted forest and the "ugly smelly" goblins. From this we did a science investigation to explore ice. The children each held an ice cube and talked about the melting process and discovered if they held it with 2 hands it melted quicker. We then did an experiment, the children put ice cubes in different areas around the classroom. They predicted that the ice cubes on top of the radiator would melt the fastest and the ice cubes in the fridge will melt the slowest. 

Baarmy in Bethlehem 

We performed on stage!!!!! The children did a fabulous job on stage and they sounded and looked amazing!! 

A visit from the Firefighters

A few weeks ago the children learned how important firefighters are and how they can help us. Today, we had a visit from the firefighters. We got a tour of the fire engine and all the life saving equipment inside of it. We had a go on some of the equipment and got a chance to try the uniform on. The children have now told me that they would like to be firefighters when they grow up. 

Christmas Market

During the week the children helped to make popcorn reindeer and peppermint cremes to sell on Receptions Christmas stall. On the day the children were allowed to choose 3 items from the class stalls. The children enjoyed 'shopping' and joining in with the Christmas activities in the middle of the hall.  

One Less

Following on from last week with one more this week we did one less. We continued to count, subitise and compare amounts. We sang nursery rhymes that focussed on one less such as 10 in a bed, 10 green bottles, 5 little ducks, 5 little men in a flying saucer and 5 current buns. The children enjoyed using the 10 frame to give me their 'penny' and take their 'bun' away. As we were singing the children looked at the 10 frame and told me how many i had a left when one was taken away. 

The Christmas Story

This week we have been learning the true meaning behind Christmas and what Christians believe. In literacy we have enjoyed reading the story 'Jesus' Christmas Party' the children particularly liked the "grumpy" innkeeper. 

We visited a Christmas exhibition- we listened to the nativity story again and even got a chance to dress up and join in. When we got back, we created a nativity scene using stamps

One More

This week we have continued to count, subitise and compare amounts. We have encouraged children to use a 5 and 10 frame to represent numbers and then add one more. We also used our fingers, a number track and multilink cubes. We focussed that one more is moving forward and the quantity is getting larger. 

Let's go fly a kite

This week we have been reading the book 'The Wind Blew'. In the book was a kite that got taken up into the sky. A lot of children expressed that they have not flown a kite. We waited for a windy day and made our own kites. The children were fantastic at using sticky tape to join the straws and ribbon to the paper.

Leaf Man

After reading the story 'Leaf Man' the children were inspired to create their own leaf people using the leaves from the garden and craft materials.



We were lucky enough to be given a set of balance bikes and a set of pedal bikes as part of the scheme BalanceAbility. BalanceAbility is the UK's only approved learn to cycle programme for children. Depending on weather, the children have been going out on the balance bikes at least once a week! I am excited to see where the journey takes us and see how the children progress. 

Datchet's Got Talent

The whole of reception class took part in Datchet's got talent they sang their favourite song Dance Monkey. Check out the video resource centre to watch the full video.

Numbers 4 and 5

This week we looked closely at the numbers 4 and 5. The children used their fingers to represent the numbers, watched the numberblocks episodes, counted quantities and matched numeral with quantity. We looked carefully at the composition of each number for example the children used numicon pieces and told me 3 and 2 makes 5. We then turned this into many number sentences. And lastly we looked at what number 4 and 5 looks like on a 10's frame.

Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day we discussed how it was a day to remember all the soldiers who got hurt to keep us safe. The children understood that the poppy was to help us remember them. We did various 'poppy' activities and observed a 2-minute silence with the help of the CBeebies video . 

Some children even created a 'statue of a solider' using construction materials and laid poppies next to it. 

Positional Language

In maths this week we are using positional language. We read the story 'Rosie's Walk' and then learnt the Makaton to some of the positional language used in the story. The children enjoyed making an obstacle course where they can demonstrate positional language. Some children enjoyed using the clipboards to make a plan for the course and drew arrows to show which direction the children had to go. 

Healthy Teeth

In PSHE this week we learnt how to keep our teeth healthy. The children told me that you have to brush your teeth in the morning and at night time. We discussed that drinking water and milk is a better option then coke or orange juice. We sang 'This is the way we brush our teeth'. Then after we used old toothbrushes as a painting tool and brushed some 'dirty teeth.' Thank you to Colgate for giving the children new toothbrushes and some toothpaste. 

This is the way you brush your teeth

Still image for this video

Bonfire Night

This week we have been focussing on, the celebration of Bonfire night. The children talked about their experiences over the weekend, and they expressed their love for seeing the beautiful colours light up the sky. We have enjoyed making a variety of firework pictures using different media such as printing with straws, using chalk and using cotton buds in paint. 


Representing 1,2,3

This week in maths we have been taking a closer look at the numbers 1-3. We started off by doing a number a day and using the valuable resource 'Numberblocks'. The children enjoyed drawing their own 'Numberblocks' each day. We looked at the quantity and matching it to the numeral and one less and one more of each number. The children enjoyed writing the numbers and this led onto writing number sentences. 



This week we have been learning all about Diwali, the festival of light. We started off by discovering who celebrates Diwali and how. We then read 'Rama and Sita- The Story of Diwali'. We enjoyed making elephant masks, colouring rangoli patterns and dancing to 'Diwali' music.  And as it is the festival of light, we learnt about Diya lamps and even made our own lamps using clay. We also had fun learning about the country of India and read a traditional Indian tale called 'The Elephants friend'. 


Diwali Dancing

Still image for this video

Fine Motor Stay and Play

We had a stay and play in the Early Years with a focus on fine motor skills. Many activities were set up to improve the strength in their fingers.

2D Shapes


This week we have been exploring 2D shapes. We first looked at the circle and discussed its properties and then went on a circle hunt around the classroom. We then looked at well-known artist Kandinsky and did our own circle art using watercolours. 

We loved working with the water colours so much we did it again!! This time we taped out a shape, the main focus was a triangle, and then painted around and inside the shape. We then lifted the tape up to see the shape that was made. 


This week we have been exploring our brilliant bodies. The children have painted self-portraits, explored their senses and took a closer look at skeletons. We read the story 'Funnybones' we loved joining in with the repetitive verses and guessing the animals from their skeletons. 

Exploring Patterns


This week in maths the children have been exploring patterns. We have started off by exploring patterns with our bodies for example, clap, stamp, clap.

Watch the videos below and see what patterns the children have come up with. 

Body Pattern

Still image for this video

Body Patterns

Still image for this video

Body Patterns

Still image for this video

Self Portraits

The children used thin paint brushes and were encouraged to carefully paint their face. Before they painted their face, they had a look in the mirror to decide what colour they needed to use. 

Black History Week


We have had fun focussing on the country of Kenya. This is where, Handa, a character from the books we have been reading lives. Handa gets up to all sorts of adventures with her friend Akeyo and animals are a big focus in the books. 


Comparing Amounts


This week we have been comparing 2 sets of objects based on amount. We have encouraged language such as more, fewer, the same amount, most and least. We used 5 frames to compare amounts and the children asked their friends which one has more? We read a 'Squash and a Squeeze' and we tried to fit as many children as we could in a hoop to see what it feels like- that was a squeeze!!! The children were then inspired to build a house- at first, they told me it was too small and it was a squash. But they soon worked together to build a bigger house that could fit them all in "I know let's build the house around the edge of the carpet"- George. 


 Check out the boat we made as well!!!!

We found a grasshopper!!!

After looking at it closely and carefully we put it in our Forest School area. 

Understanding Christianity- Creation (God)


We talked about the importance of God to Christians and read a book called 'God's Very Colourful Creation'. We made our own version of the world using toys and drawings. 



Let's Match and Sort


This week in maths we have been matching socks, objects around the classroom and natural materials. The children matched them into pairs and discussed how they looked the same or if they didn't look the same.

We went on a sock hunt around the classroom and took a walk outside of the school.

Then we sorted objects based on size, colour or shape. 




Pete the Cat

Taking inspiration from, our now favourite, character 'Pete the Cat' we enjoyed rocking in our school shoes. We took a tour around our new school, did we worry... "Goodness, no!"


Take a look at the book on YouTube and enjoy singing along like we did. 

'Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes'.


We were all amazed when we had a special delivery of Pete's red school shoes and then his guitar- we had lots of fun rocking with the guitar. 



Pete the Cat: I love my White Shoes


We enjoyed repeating the familiar phrases in the book and remembering some of the words. But of course most of all we LOVED singing Pete's cool song

In class reading along to Pete The Cat

Still image for this video

Colour Mixing


The children were feeling inspired after reading a variety of stories such as Pete the Cat: I love My White Shoes and Brown Bear, Brown Bear the children were interested in mixing colours. They chose the colours they wanted to mix and predicted what colour it would make. 

Lets Explore!


The children have settled well into their new environment of Reception. We have been getting use to the routine and rules and had fun exploring the resources.