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Welcome to Reception Class

The class teacher is Miss Andrews

Mrs Johnson, Miss Tanner & Mrs Beldom are the class Teaching Assistants.

Follow our learning journey by regularly checking on this class page. 

Growing and Changing

The Seasons and Spring


The new season of spring is coming. So far the children have noticed the daffodils that are growing around the school. They looked at them closely and drew them using crayons, colouring pencils and/or paint. 

The children were reminded of the 4 seasons of the year and discussed their favourite season. 



Maths- Mass and Capacity

This week we started off by using the balance scales to compare mass between 2 different objects. This was explored in play for example, outside with natural materials at the playdough table, and objects around the classroom. Once familiar with the balance scale the children enjoyed finding the balance on the scales. The children used cubes to balance against an object. After, we explored capacity in the water tray with a variety of containers. We also filled the containers with loose parts and from this discussed which container held more/less capacity. We then order the containers based on their capacity. 

Jackson Pollock


The children were inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock. We looked at his art work and then investigated the methods he used such as blowing, splattering and using string as a tool. We then created our own pieces of art work using those methods. 



This term our topic will be space. We will start off by talking about planet earth, how astronauts get into space and about gravity and how it keeps everything on the ground. We then will move onto famous astronauts such as Mae Jemison and Tim Peake and the work they do on the ISS. Next, we will be learning about the planets in our solar system. Lastly, a close look into the moon landing, the stars and the sun. 

We built our own rocket in the classroom......

And even outside....

Maths- Alive in 5

In the last 2 weeks we have been focussing on deepening our knowledge of the numbers 0 to 5. The children now have quick recall of subitising up to 5 and when asked how they know, the children can express "because I can see 3 and 2". This helps deepen an understanding of the composition of numbers. 

The children enjoy competing the 'Maths Star Challenge' and it has helped with number formation especially writing the numbers 2 and 5. 

Wriggly Nativity 

Christmas Market


We made strawberry treats and reindeer biscuits for our stall. The strawberry treats were made with icing sugar, condensed milk and strawberry flavouring. The children enjoyed rolling out the dough, like mixture, and cutting out Christmas shapes. Then we made the reindeer biscuits with chocolate frosting, pretzels, candy eyes and red smarties. 

On Friday, we walked around the market with our buddies and chose 3 items to buy. It was great fun!!!

Maths-Numbers 4 and 5


We have spent a couple of weeks looking very closely at the numbers 4 and 5.


We have used 'Numberblocks' and looked at the many ways we can make 4 and we have looked at the number 4 on a 5 frame eg 3 red counters and 1 yellow counter. We have been matching quantity with the numeral.


The children had fun finding all objects that represented 5 and sticking them on number 5's 'high five' hand. 


On both numbers, the children have been encouraged to subitise using their "fast eyes" (knowing the amount by sight instead of counting each object). We have focussed on the vocabulary one less and one more for 4 and 5. For example, singing the song 5 current buns and saying one less then 5 is 4. 

Junk Modelling


This week we spent some time creating our own transport models using recyclable  materials. The children chose the materials they wanted based on what they were designing. We gave the children some help with the hot glue gun to stick on the heavier materials.

Maths- Circles and Triangles 


We are looking closely at circles and triangles this week. Most of the children were able to identify the shapes by their names. So we quickly focussed on what made them a circle and a triangle. We encouraged the children to use language such as round for the circle and 3 sides and 3 corners for a triangle. We did some Kadinsky inspired art using the circles and triangles we found around the classroom- the children enjoyed printing. To finish the children went around the environment trying to find circles and triangles- we talked about objects that were "almost a triangle" as it didn't have a pointy corner like a doritos crisp. 

Topic- Transport 

A Local Walk to the Train Station


Before we went for our walk the children wore their 'Be Bright Be Seen" high vis jackets. During the walk we spoke about road safety we took a closer look at the zebra crossing, the children walked along holding their partners hand and crossed the road with the help of the adults. The children did a brilliant job of staying safe. 

When we got to the train station we observed the barriers and the lights. The children loved waving to the train driver and the passengers. 


Road Safety 


This week we learnt the importance of road safety and how to stay safe on the road. We first discussed "be bright be seen". We looked at different clothing we can wear and looked at the high vis jackets we wear at school when we leave school. We then looked at crossing roads and the children had great fun watching the "Think" hedgehogs and their singing advice. The children had great fun in their play by adding a zebra crossing, road signs, chalked road, wearing a lollipop person outfit to use alongside our trikes. 

Some children even used the large construction to make a car. 



We have kickstarted our new topic, Transport with exploring different modes of transport. We explored them by getting crafty- take a look at the photos. 

The children had great fun creating a large train track around the classroom as well as creating roads using rolled paper. 

Maths- It's Me 1,2,3


We have been focussing on the numbers 1,2 and 3. We started off by looking at the numerals and then matching with the quantity. Then we moved onto subitsing- where the children do not count and say what they can see. We looked at visuals and said what was one less and one more. Lastly, we looked at the composition of the numbers. To do this we used counters on a 10 frame using 2 different colours. For example, 2 red counters and 1 blue counter makes 3. 

Maths- Patterns

This week we learnt about repeating patterns. The children explored repeating patterns through art materials, natural materials, body percussion and even themselves. The children organised themselves by hair colour, t shirt colour and boy/girl. 

Black History Week in Reception 


We had a great time celebrating black history and black culture. We read a variety of books and focussed on the Handa collection. We looked into where Handa lives in Kenya and compared it to how we live in Datchet. 

The children enjoyed listening to black music through the ages , a particular favourite was by Chuck Berry- Johnny b goode. 

Maths- Comparing Size, Mass and Capacity 


This week we started of by comparing quantity. We used conkers and 5 frames so the children could line up the piles of conkers to see which pile had the most. The children were encouraged to use language such as more than, less than, fewer and the same. We then looked into mass, the children started off by comparing the mass of their items such as book bags and lunch boxes- they used their body as a balance scale. The next day we used balance scales and the children had fun comparing different objects around the classroom. The children told me what side was heavier and what side was the lightest and they were able to explain that the side that was down was heavier and the side that was up was lighter. Lastly, we moved onto capacity the children had fun filling up containers in the water and used language such as holds the most and holds the least.

Our Local Area


We have been investigating our local area. The children were shown local landmarks in Datchet and we discussed where it can be found or if it was near somebodies house. The children loved exploring google images through street view it led to many conversations. The children looked closely at a map of Datchet and were intrigued to find their house and their friends houses. After, the children drew their houses and they discussed road names and house numbers.



We started off by talking about all the seasons and trying to identify them by the weather and how the tress are looking. We discussed how it is now the season of Autumn and some children pointed out that they had seen conkers on the floor. So, we decided to go on a conker hunt. The children found conkers in all different shapes and sizes and found some "spikey/prickley" conker shells. 



We have some beautiful sunflowers outside in our garden. They are starting to come to the end of their life. We have previously discussed about the season of Autumn and how sunflowers are a summer flower. The children pointed out that there is not enough sun for them. We cut a few flower heads and brought them in for the children to have a closer look at and to paint/draw. The children could choose between watercolours, crayons, oil pastels, colouring pencils and soft pastels. 

Maths- Match, Sort and Compare 


This week we focussed on sorting based on the shape, size, colour and smaller details found on the objects. The children were given buttons in different shapes, colours and sizes and tasked with how many ways could they sort them. The children even sorted the buttons into piles of "4 buttons holes and not 4 button holes". The children become confident in sorting so we moved onto identifying the sorting rule of pre sorted objects such as fruit that has leaf and fruit that does not have a leaf.

Self Portraits 


This week the children painted their self portraits. They started off by using a pencil and focussing on the details on their face. Then the children did another self portrait but this time focussing on using either paints, crayons, colouring pencils and felt tips to add colour. Underneath is some examples of the children who chose to use colouring pencils. 

Maths- Match, Sort and Compare


This week we started off by focussing on the words, 'match, same and different'. We matched by colour with buttons and shapes, matched pictures and objects, matched socks to make pairs and we matched Lego towers according to the colour. Next, we looked at what a set is how a set has to be the same. Lastly, we sorted nautral materials by different types such as; green- not green, leaves-not leaves and smooth- not smooth. 

Pete the Cat


This term in literacy we will be reading a variety of Pete the cat books. They are highly engaging with their sing a long songs, repeated phrases and for the children to practice reading with expression.

Balance Ability 


Every Tuesday in the afternoon the children will get the opportunity to ride a balance bike as part of the 'BalanceAbility' scheme. The children will start off by using a balance bike to build up their core strength and once they are ready they can move onto a pedal bike. 


Our Bodies


We started off by talking through the body parts we could see with our eyes. And discussing how we use those body parts such as our senses. We touched upon people who were blind and how they use a dog and their other senses to see the world. 

Then we looked at pictures of X rays and discussed there is a special camera that can see into our bodies. The children enjoyed looking at a skeleton, drawing a skeleton and arranging different bones to make a skeleton.

Our First Week in Reception


The children have settled well into Reception class. They are getting use to the routine of the day and enjoy exploring all the resources in our provision.