We are one we are strongest working together in unity 1: Corinthians 12 - 14
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Datchet St Mary's CofE Primary Academy

Friendship, Love, Compassion, Honesty, Forgiveness, Resilience and Equality

What does it mean to be a Church of England School at Datchet St Mary's Academy ?

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St Mary's Church Datchet

Incumbent Join Benefice Colnbrook and Datchet  Fr Darcy Chesterfield Terry  

e-mail:        tel:  07442 197 723


Diocese of Oxford

Charitable Work The Children Of Datchet St Mary's Have Been Involved With This Year.

During a geography lesson Year 5 voiced their concern about the state world is in and how they wanted to do something about it. They asked if they could complete a sponsored walk in their daily mile session and the money raised went to sponsored their choice of endangered animals :-

Adopt a Sloth ❤️ The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Adopt an Amur Leopard | WWF

Adopt an Orangutan | WWF

Whole School 

NSPCC Numbers Day 

Datchet's Got Talent  Children in Need.