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Datchet St Mary's CofE Primary Academy

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School Timetable

Start Of Day Arrangments

We provide a drop-off system where the school gate is open at 8:50am until 9:00am, children walk straight round to their classroom,  say goodbye to their parent/carer and start their day.




End Of Day Arrangements


The end of the school day is a busy time, and our aim at Datchet St Mary’s is to ensure children are dismissed carefully under supervision, collected on time and arrive home safely. Having observed and reviewed our end of school day routines I have a few changes that need to be made to ensure the safety of our children, by making sure that the responsibilities and expectations of all parties are clear when it comes to children leaving the school premises.


Infant children (those in Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2) should NOT be collected by other brothers or sisters in school. They should be collected by an authorised adult. Teachers have been asked NOT to release infant children to siblings from Key Stage Two but to ask the office to contact parents/carers to ensure they are collected by an authorised adult. If children are to be collected by a brother or sister who attends Senior School, written permission from the parent/carer should be given prior to the collection.


The school’s definition of an ‘Authorised Adult’ is as follows:

The Authorised Adult should be a responsible person aged 16 years or over.


Family member

Child minder


Someone who has the parent/carer’s written permission to collect the child from school.


In order to ensure the safe handover of infant children in particular, we ask that parents in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 complete the slip below informing the school of the person who will regularly collect their child at the end of the school day. We ask all parents from Reception to Year 6 to phone the school office to inform staff of any changes to your normal end of school day procedure, providing the name and relationship of the person collecting your child on that the specific day . This information will then be shared with your child’s class teacher.


Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.