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Datchet St Mary's CofE Primary Academy

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

The class teacher is Miss Smith Monday- Wednesday and Miss Koza Thursday and Friday .

Mrs Cherrill is the class Teaching Assistant.

Pollination: In our science lesson this week we learnt how pollination happens. We then acted the process out to embed our learning, before creating booklets and labelled diagrams.

Water transportation in plants. As part of our plant topic this term, we investigated how water is transported from the roots to other parts of the plant via the stem. We planned and set up our investigation then recorded our findings. Have a look at what we found out.

Basket Ball Skills - This term in PE we have been learning basket ball skills and techniques. This week, we combined all the skills we'd learnt so far; dribbling, chest passing and shooting.

Year 3 got the chance to participate in a Windsor School Partnership session. They got to join in with different physical games alongside many other schools from Windsor.

Plants!! To begin our plant topic in science this term we looked at the different parts of flowering plants and their jobs

Easter Church Service

Fossils - To help us understand the fossilisation process we created our own fossils with slices of bread representing the different layers of sediment.

Types of rocks and how they are formed. Can you remember the 3 main groups geologists sort rocks into and how each type of rock is formed?

Place Value - We had great fun challenging our partners to put numbers in the correct order to consolidate our learning on place value

Stop Frame animations

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Egyptian Day - Year 3 spent the day consolidating their learning about Ancient Egypt. They danced like an Egyptian, mummified tomatoes, made bread using an Ancient Egyptian recipe and learned how to write in hieroglyphics. They finished off the day with a feast of melon, grapes, raisins, honey and their home made bread.

Animations - we created our own animations by making frames on imotion

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Chiltern Open Air Museum - here are a few pictures from our school trip

Biscuithenge!!! We built Stonehenge out of biscuits then labelled it.

Gymnastics - We worked with coach Fizz to create different shapes with our bodies

Bronze Age - Each table looked at artefacts found from the Must Farm site and discussed what this told us about life in the Bronze Age. Each table group then presented their findings to the rest of the class.

Acting out our advert. To help understand the purpose of a persuasive advert and give meaning to our writing, we worked in pairs to perform our adverts ready to go on the tele


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Gymnastics - This term we are very lucky to have Coach Fizz take us for gymnastics

We learnt how important it is to edit our work and showed our school vision when working together to read through our work for corrections and improvement.

We created our own Stone-Age art work by carving paint out on the table.

Year 3’s introduction to our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We had a great time over in the forest school area by imaging what it was like to survive in the old and middle Stone Age. We built shelters, went foraging for food and even went hunting with our handmade tools.