We are one we are strongest working together in unity 1: Corinthians 12 - 14
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Datchet St Mary's CofE Primary Academy

Friendship, Love, Compassion, Honesty, Forgiveness, Resilience and Equality


Welcome to Nursery Class.

The Class Leaders are Miss Dyer and Miss Street

The Early Years Leader is Mrs Gilchrist.  

Today we made hedgehogs from clay, giving them eyes, a nose and lots of prickly spikes. We talked about where hedgehogs live and what their habitat looks like. 

Play dough making.

Easter bonnet parade

Musical instruments.

Measuring fruit and vegetables.

Making Menu's for the farmers.

Family learning day.

World book day

After reading the story The hungry caterpillar we decided to try some different fruits. some were sweet and some were sour but we really enjoyed it.

Counting to Six in maths with playdough

We really enjoyed playing in our new mud kitchen making mud pie pancakes. They worked together to mix the mud and create different sized pancakes. They then laid the table and served the pancakes to their peers.

The hungry caterpillar 🐛

This term we have been looking at the life cycle of the butterfly. We really enjoyed reading the story The hungry caterpillar and making butterflies with paint. We talked about all the different foods the caterpillar ate and we decided which ones were healthy and unhealthy.

Building beanstalks from bricks and shaving foam.

What great fun we have had today making beanstalks from bricks and shaving foam. The children used the shaving foam to stick the bricks together to see how tall they could make their beanstalk. Some of the children then made BIG MASSIVE cakes for the giant to eat! 

This term we will be learning about how things grow. We have already been very busy this week, reading the story 'Jack and the bean stalk' and learning the bean life cycle. After reading the story we decided to plant our own beans and cress seeds. We talked about what our beanstalk would need to grow and we put one of her cress pots in the dark to see if they will grow without sunlight. We also have been learning about the signs of spring and painted some beautiful creations of dalfodils as the children had noticed they had started to grow outside of our school.

Can you make 5?

This week we have been learning different ways to make 5. We used the numicon to make sammy the snails shell looking at the all the ways we could do it. 

We joined the rest of the school doing the pan cake toss seeing how many times we could flip the pancake! We then went back to nursery and made our own pancakes. We mixed the ingredients together and then watched as Miss Dyer flipped them in the frying pan. They were delicious and we ate them for snack time!

Dinosaur masks

After reading the story 'stop that dinosaur!' We decided to make masks to retell the story. We decorated paper plates to look like the dinosaur in the story. We acted out the story in small groups taking it in turns to be the dinosaur.

During the spring term we learnt about dinosaurs. We looked at different fossils and cut out different parts of the dinosaur skeleton and stuck them back together in the right order. The children really enjoyed looking at all the different dinosaurs and learning which dinosaurs are herbivores and carnivores. The T-Rex was everyone's favourite. We listened to lots of stories about dinosaurs and drew lots of dinosaur pictures. What a fun term we have!

The children made some more patterns this week, by cutting out some pictures and sticking them in the right order to make their own patterns. They also used two different coloured playdough to make patterns.

In the garden this week we found lot's of ice where it had frozen over night. The children had so much fun breaking all the ice up and feeling how cold it was in their hands. 

In maths the past two weeks we have been looking at patterns, the children had a go at making their on patterns using different pictures. They also wanted to have a go at using different objects outside in the garden to make some more patterns.

We went for an Autumn walk around the garden and on the school field. We found some leaves, conkers, acorns. When we came back into nursery we tipped everything out to see what we had collected. We then used the leaves and crayons to make some leaf patterns on a piece of paper.

We made an obstacle course outside in the garden out of the balancing beams, and pallets. The children had a go at balancing, and did a really good job. They all helped each other out, if someone needed some help balancing.